Hoath are very similiar to VON, but with more of death metal touch. The production is fuller and bassier than VON (which might be also atributed to VON's abyssmal production values).

The songs are short and simple. This time this is the problem with the music. The album is very tiring to listen from beginning to end. The music is pretty uninspired and the atmosphere is lacking. This doesn't mean that the album is bad, but its not too good either.

The production is pretty bassy and there is nice disortion in guitar. Everything expect bass can be heard clearly. This is good thing for some, but I find it to be contributing in the dullness of the album.

Cover art is cool with its symbol text and pictures of hands with eyes, but this is also problem. As you cannot make out any of the tracks due to the font, they have decided to use normal font in colour black. Black on black is bitch to read, so if you want info on the tracks you gotta go to internet.

This is okay death/black album. I wouldn't really recommend this but if you enjoy VON you might want to try Hoath.

7 / 10