Pentagram, America's Black Sabbath of sorts. This is their second album, and while thinking about the cover or the music itself, the second you put this on you will draw comparisons to Black Sabbath's album VOL 4.

The production, it's the production. I don't know if the production was an accident of sorts or a tribute, but it is too similar. The music itself isn't as bluesy as Black Sabbath's material. This album is really solid of doom metal.

One thing I love is the vocals. Bobby has very personal voice. I don't really like the covers of this album too much, they don't fit with the music. They just look like band slapped something on to covers just because the album has to have covers.

If you are looking for some doom metal, you might want to try this, but I recommend you to rather pick up Pentagram's debut.

7 / 10