The oldschool Death-squadron Huoripukki is back again. To our enjoyment, they've managed to keep up the demo-a-year schedule since '08 despite suffering from many line-up changes in the bass- and drum-departments. One can only hope that the "triumphant" cover image is a sign of the band's current state.

Luckily this seems to be the fact. After a short and dark industrial intro the band shows what it exists for: dirty, slightly thrashing satanic oldschool death metal. Their style is less easily defined than on their previous demo, as their influences from the american DM-pioneers (such as Morbid Angel) are not as easy to pick out from their songs anymore. The songs are mostly over mid-tempo with some downright slow parts, heavy and dirty, and have a noticeable emphasis on creating the occult atmosphere. They're not too highbrow technique-wise, it's their natural being, flow and rhythmic values make them good; they're surprisingly original-sounding too, especially when compared with the previous demo. The songs really sound like they're meant to be this way.

This third demo sounds a lot less raw than the band's previous demo, but this is also due to the changed style of the songs; previously the band was about violence, rawness and oldschool thrashiness, whereas this demo focuses on the band's more satanic, occult and atmospheric elements. The guitars are heavy and dirty whilst still retaining a thrashy edge, and the drums create a solid background with a raw and primitive sound and style, while still sounding truly active and enough capable technique-wise. The bass guitar has it's damp sound pounding in the distance, adding a good layer of darkness on the whole but giving little to the songs composition-wise. The vocals are a big reason for a lot of the "evil" mood in the songs. They're mostly some dense growls with sadly rather inaudible lyrics, but they also deliver a good shriek or a scream to disturb and lift up the atmosphere with a sting of violent aggression every now and then. One more noteworthy thing is the changed guitar solos; they're now less technical and slower, but they have a strong occult feel and provide a noteworthy amount of deepening to the songs' dark feel, and sound pretty neat as just solos, too.

One can go on complaining about the demo-like soundscape, but it does deliver the atmosphere really well, and the riffs and such can be heard well enough; and hey, this actually is a demo. The only real bothers in the soundscape are the too damp bass-sound mentioned above, and the vocals that here and there sound like they were sung too close to the microphone. The demo has black&white home-printed artworks and the CD-R is not even labeled, but this of course keeps the demo's price low (only two euros + postage!). The actual images used on the covers fit together perfectly with the music's crude feel and dark themes. The lyrics, given separately with the release, are a mix of satanic and anti-religious themes, nature, and occult, even morbid themes. They would have to be better to work on their own as texts, but they do paint fittingly dark and feeling-evoking images to the listener's mind, and fit together perfectly with the musical output. They also give a decent image of the band's ideology.

The band has changed quite a bit from their previous demo, most likely partly due to the line-up changes the band seems to go through a lot. I, for one, think that these changes have been for the better. The band sounds more recognizeable now as they have more of their own ideas in the songs, and has thus become overall more interesting, too. The band's expression seems to have matured, and they seem to have spent more time making this demo than they did on the previous outputs. The band seems to know what it's going for, and I truly hope that they manage to achieve it with more devilish results.

The band has again gone forward. Listen to this in the darkness, and focus on it. It shall reward you.

4 / 5