This is bleak stuff. Distorted and screeching soundscapes, lung-ripping yelling and sometimes strange rhythmics. Definitely not your average and simple hardcore punk record. No need to be afraid of artsy nonsense though. Perhaps it could be said that thereís a hint of progressive or experimental solutions in the song-writing. Likana valikoimassanne is clearly an outcome of visionary work. The LP just isnít easy to digest at first.

A-side is mostly fast and chaotic punk rumbling. The sound is somewhat rusty and cold. Together with the lyrics this creates images of an environmental catastrophe to my head. The delivery is pure energy. Like the band would be sliding downhill admist biohazardous waste on a somekind of gigantic metal plate while playing. Third track Kuiva maa differs from the other two on A-side by kicking off with a strange melodic riff. It isnít something you can hum along to but twisted and a bit comical.

B-side is surprisingly slow and this deepens the melancholic feeling even more. It contains two anguished performances which burst into faster delivery only occasionally. Curiously enough both sides of the record should be played with a different speed. Perhaps thatís due the varying track lengths.

Only thing I can complain about is the new singer. His vocal delivery is surely raw enough but I think the former singer handled the arrangements and rhythm of shouting a bit better. At times it feels the vocals and music donít really meet. There is a possibility that is done on purpose considering the overall chaos. The lyrics are intelligent as Iíve learned to expect from this band. Cover art is also really nice and untypical inside the genre.

This twelve-inch is a strong work that needs many spins before the listener begins to really get it. Iíd recommend it to anyone who might enjoy a challenging but rewarding listening experience.

9 / 10