Finally In The Rectory as vinyl. I have been waiting for this for ages. The band itself doesn't need any other description expect that they're one of the best trad. doom bands ever.

This is my favourite Reverend Bizarre album. Everything works here. The tracks are great, with the expection of Burn In Hell! which I find a bit lackluster compared to the others. I am also pressed hard to keep my concentration for the whole 25 minutes of Cirith Ungol. The production here is pretty spot on, with bass very audible, on top of the guitars. Drums are on background, giving pretty steady beat to the extremely slow songs. The album is pretty much slow. I have counted that it speeds up only twice for the whole run-time and not by much. But each time they speed the music up it works great. Its like magic. Albert's vocals are some of my favourite. He won't top men like Ozzy but he does a damn fine job.

What can I say about the cover artwork? It is a cliché, with the band picture emulating Black Sabbath photo. But the band has never tried to be original and the cover artwork works for them. I dislike the lack of the photo in backside of the cd, with the band in graveyard. Instead we get photos of Peter and Albert eating kebab. The arragment of the songs between the sides/vinyls is good. I would have preferred for the 1st vinyl have on side A. Burnin In Hell!/In The Rectory and on the side B. Hour of Death/Sodoma Sunrise, but the way they are arranged might be better in long run.

While this is not a perfect album, it is the best from Reverend Bizarre. If you have never heard Reverend before, pick this up. If you are already fan, get the 2LP version, definitely worth the money.

9½ / 10