Carpocapsa stands for a codling moth (the worm in the apple), and it's also a full-lenght release from the italian one-man project M!. The project's idea is to create improvisational noise, this time through using such equipment as tapes, a radio, electro devices, samples and field recordings. The only release I've heard from M! previously is his split with Tainted Corrosive Mist. M!'s side on the split was executed on a kalimba and a modified guitar alone, so we already know that the project's capable of very varying output.

The first song lasts for almost fourteen minutes, and starts of very ambient-esque. There's some static white noise mostly in the back, the main attention thus going to the beautiful synth-like loop; one of the used sounds might be an edited piano sound, but I am not sure. At five minutes the static white noise is still around, giving the soundscape a feel of unsafeness and bothering the more beautiful sample sounds. Soon the synth/piano-likes are to disappear to give room to a odd, fastened sample of something that sounds like an old kids' cartoon, which is again after a while replaced - this time by some metro tunnel-like sounds and a short happy synth-loop, with some small and thin noisy shrieks and a short harsh drone-loop to disturb the peaceful feel. The created atmosphere is very divided: partly peaceful and partly very disturbed, even slightly violent. The end result is quite confusing, but original and very enjoyable. You won't understand this one in a while, so it has some magic even after many listens.

The second track is almost twice as long, and equally more odd - this time there's no synth-likes or any distorted screeches whatsoever. The track starts with a slowed-down sample of a man speaking, with again some fastened cheery samples here and there. Up to eleven minutes, this is how the track will go on, the weight being on the slowed sample. At the eleven minutes there's a sample of someone singing in italian on top of the slowed speech, and soon there's only a sample of a woman choking on a certain male organ for some minutes. This one caught me unprepared, and I must say that it sounds disturbing. The choking is even topped with some epic orchestrations to "lift off the mood", and at least it got me quiet. The song ends to some minutes of a slowed-down male choir singing, after which there's a few minutes of silence and the same thing fastened.

I must say that I found this one really enjoyable. The first track and it's peaceful nature soften the listener's descension into the twisted world of the experimental second track. The nature of the soundscape is very varying throughout the release, going from thin, clear and simple to distorted and full, even partly chaotic - and from peaceful to disturbing. The release will keep you awake, too, as even the simplest parts are spiced with enough variation. The songs are now based on a sparse amount of different sounds at a time, and even though this makes it easier to give emphasis on specific sounds and feelings at a time, it also gives the second track a slightly too bare nature. At times it would've really profited from some additional sounds to make the song more interesting, even though it is clear what the artist was going for.

This is noise, for sure. I only wish the release's pressing wasn't so ridiculously limited, as I know there are many people who'd really want to hear this one. Do also note the release's DIY-packaging in the image on the left. At least I found it rather cool, and it shows some good effort from the artist.

8- / 10