I can't but wonder why this band isn't more known. They are one of the best humour bands I know that play heavy music. When the band was together, all the members wore ski-masks to hide their identity, expect their iranian vocalist, Amir Mamori. The band sang/sings all their songs from a view-point of Iranian muslim terrorist. In their lyrics there is blowing up embassies, flying planes into buildings and killing Americans. And of course referenecs to muslim leaders and text like Allah Akbar.

Even though the lyrical view-point might be offendin or shockin to some listeners, the lyrics come up more as "normal" punk topics as hatin capitalism, being free etc. If one pays attention to the lyrics he can easily see that they aren't really serious about terrorism and it is more for comedic and shock value. The music on this album is good crossover. It is not the best output of the band but it can take many listens without becoming boring. One of the most notable aspects of the music is the vocals, which are yelled with iranian accent. They fit extremely well with the bands image and I have to wonder if all caucasian band would succeeded as well.

The production is little weak as the vocals and drums tend to leave the guitars behind while bass is almost never audible. This is really bad as riffs are usually one of the main things one concentrates when listenin to anything with riffs in it. The artwork is one with the theme. On front cover iranian men/boys burning american flag and on back cover a picture of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, to whom the album is dedicated. The band surely knows how to present themselves, never being too tongue-in-cheek while remaininclear that they aren't serious. Reading the lyrics one can see that aside of the humour, there is a message of freedom and tolerance and of course an anti-U.S.A message.

If you wan't good humorous crossover about a topic that might raise some eyebrows if the band started today, check this out. If you're offended or cannot take a joke, let this one slip.

"So we build our houses in the sand - is that how you live in Iran? You're so stupid and I think I know why: you live in a country that's full of lies, foolish Americans. Can't you see you're all brainwashed by your own tv?" - from the song "Foolish Americans"

8 / 10