Deadsunrise says they play dark metallic hardcore punk but a more fitting genre would be crustcore, because that is pretty much how this album sounds and what kind of tracks it contains.

Songwriting on this album is very good. There is a lot of variety on the album instead of the usual crust fare where almost every song is fast with the same kind of riffing and song structure. The production is a bit too polished to my liking. There isn't really too much space for dynamics in the mixing and the vocalist is almost buried in the music. The vocalist is pretty standard what one would expect from a crust band. The atmosphere of the music is almost constantly dark and all the variation in the songs reinforces the atmosphere. Then there is a surprise, the last track isn't dark but it's feeling is that there is some hope after all. Quite rare for metallic hardcore punk band/crust band. The album is a bit too long, making it a tiring listen in one sitting.

The cover artwork is a bit bland. It is very spartan but not in a good way. It looks like it was quickly made so the album could be released. In the booklet there is a mirrored picture, which is same pic that is on the cover. Using a same picture twice in album covers is always a bad idea. The lyrics are quite good but never explicitly state any political ideology while the lyrics are clearly political. There is a sample about racists/KKK but looking at the lyrics I couldn't make out what the band thought about the subject.

If you enjoy crust but think that most crust full-lenghts are boring, try Deadsunrise. If you have heard crust but didn't like it, try Deadsunrise and finally, if you already like crust, try Deadsunrise.

8 / 10