This one is a split between two punk-bands from Mikkeli, Finland, themed around the bad aspects of the city. A split between two bands this different might seem odd, but the release is at least somewhat unified and justified by the theme and the fact that these bands have toured together quite a bit.

On side A we have six minutes of Ydinmätä. The band begun in '07, and before this split they've released a not-so-seriously made demo and an untitled EP last year. After the short outburst of an intro track the band unleashes it's somewhat melodic and very dark and aggressive hardcore punk, and it's instantly clear that the band has evolved. It seems that they've now found their own direction if not even their style. The bigger half of the songs consist of somewhat simplistic and very aggressive hardcore beating, but the almost equally large half consists of memorable and appealing melodies with a good, dark atmosphere. The two guitars are very well taken to use here, as they're teamed so that neither of these sides gets to take over the other unless when intended. The higher guitar notes have a very Abduktio-reminiscent fleshy but very clear sound, but this is not even close to a rip-off. The bass guitar and the drums have a bit of well-imbued time in the spotlight too, so the band's overall very well represented here. The vocalist could improve though, as even though his voice has aggression it's a bit one-dimensional and usual.

This side is pretty much packed with the band's essence and all that they're about, and has very fitting clear but dark and fleshy sounds to really bring out the band's style and frustration. The songs have a great amount of nuances to keep the release interesting for a long time, and it's varying moods and short lenght make it last even longer. This is an all around good-quality performance from the band, but it still lacks in the certain something that would really make the band shine; something that would break the pattern and take the aggressive and dark moods even further apart from each other here and there, something that would really make this band stand out. Maybe now would be a good time for a full-lenght? A strong 8½ / 10.

Side B is taken over by a much less serious band Paskahalvaus, a band with two years and one demo/EP worth of history. Young fellows, it seems. Their side consists of three punkrock-songs with a really strong energetic feelgood-vibe and humorous lyrics. The music flows very freely and pretty much forces you to like it with it's careless attitude. It seems that the band really enjoys making this kind of stuff, and that they want to keep on improving their output. Musically the songs don't offer anything too groundbreaking, but all the songs have their own nature and include their own hooks from MCR's humorous lead guitar to Kilju's free and really painless flow. The shouted clear vocals and the background choirs deliver a great dose of energy all the time, and really lift the songs up to a whole new level. The band's soundscape is very natural, slightly raw while still clear, or in other words: it's pretty much as it should be.

I can only say that I want to hear more. A short and catchy energy outburst like this is a truly good listen every now and then, and is sure to lift up your mood. I'm not sure if the band's ready for a full-lenght just yet though, as I think that they should take even more of their energy into use and to really let go of their music in order for it to come out even more freely flowing and natural. The band has great potential. They should also take some weight off the vocals, now they're a too driving force in the songs which lowers the songs' overall value, they're relied on too much. Nonetheless, this is a very notable dose of youthful energy. 8+ / 10

The release looks like it's been scrapped together from different things that the makers just wanted to be included in the covers, without giving much thought to the outcome. It's very simple and has all the info, but looks too humouristic and intentionally messy, especially when thinking of the Ydinmätä-side. They should've focused more on the subject, it's hard to take something like this seriously. And by the way, if the EP is about stating an opinion, where are the lyrics?

The EP has a really split nature and it's visually and theme-wise badly executed, but the high quality of the music from both bands makes it a very worthy purchase.

8 / 10