Two demos and two self-released professional EP's isn't a bad feat, especially when it's all done in under two years. This is the band's most recent output from April 2010, and it's also the most merciless one of them - whereas the band's previous release (Hiljaisuus... EP) seemed like the band was really aiming for a personal soundscape at the expense of their aggression and the music's instant appeal, this time they seem to have decided to go for the violent and punishing values.

The first song is a really simple and violent one, and surely sets the mood right for the rest of the record. The songs have a good deal of variation in them and aren't afraid of slowing down here and there, and this variation keeps the record interesting for a long time. All the songs are easily told apart from each other, and they have even major differences in their compositions as well as their overall style. The listener is taken from some even peacefully flowing parts to violent beatings to the last song's doomy vibe, and it's all tied together seamlessly while keeping the overall mood hostile; the band seems to have known how far the songs can and should be taken. The growly shouts and higher shrieks fit in great with their thinner sound. They could have more power if they had more volume level and a slightly less harshly recorded sound, but this way they fit the best together with the music. There's also some samples of for example GG Allin to give some fitting pauses from the music without disturbing the atmosphere.

It took two days for the band to record this EP in their rehearsal room, but surprisingly this way of recording doesn't show in the end result. The drums have a very aggressive, natural, enough clear and powerful sound; this time even the plates sound good. The two raw and just slightly gritty guitars fill the soundscape well through their nicely different sounds, and both of the guitars seem to have their own job and purpose the songs. These things add to the EP's asskicking values as well: even the slower parts sound very full interesting, and the record goes forward non-stop. The band has no bass guitar, but the self-recording seems to have given the lower guitar notes some bassy echo which fills the soundscape nicely. Sadly this echo is not constant, which causes a disjoint feel a couple of times during the playtime. The overall soundscape is a little messy, but this merely gives the release more re-listening value instead of damaging the songs' power.

This release is the most punishing one visually as well. The band mentions on the release that they messed up the song indexing (the song order on the left is the correct listing, according to my ears) to make sure that the listener goes through the whole beating, and they seem to have aimed for a holistic whole visually too. The covers are mostly black&white and consist of some crudely edited images of politicians, some images related to swine flu, america and war, and a collage about plastic surgery and such. Although the covers are crude, they seem to have been made with time in order for them to really represent the release and the band, and they have a great amount of attitude and aggression in them and suit the EP well. The lyrics are not included, but with a this kind of booklet they're not necessary to deliver the message anyway. The covers were made by the vocalist himself, as on their previous release too.

The release is merciless, and shows a self-confident and a greatly improved group that knows what it's doing. The record is very varying, stylistically unified and well built. A full-lenght of this could be a too heavy listening experience, so it's very pleasing that the band kept it concise. This kind of even death metal-like heaviness is fresh from the band, but also something too new for them and something not their own, so it's no wonder that the band cannot use and utilize the heaviness to it's full extent. I'm just curious what the band would be capable of if they would really focus on the recording process and the end result for a noticeably longer time, and maybe even aimed for a full-lenght? Anyhow, they have a great amount of enthusiasm, so maybe they should try to take their output boldly to the next level once again.

9 / 10