These lads from Iceland certainly know how to create atmospheric doom. There is just one problem I have with this album. It has three tracks. Two of them are slow and end in fast part. Those two are after each other. That makes the album pretty formulaic. Production on the album is good. It isn't as bassy as I expected. The music in itself is slow and atmospheric and it's mostly the atmosphere of the album that makes me want to listen to this again. The atmosphere doesn't save the album from the fact that the constant slow pace, with expection of the two faster parts make it hard to consentrate to the whole album, especially if listened in one sitting.

The cover artwork is okay, somewhat funky combination of picture that is drawn way differently than anything else on the cover artwork. My biggest problem with the covers is the font they chose for the booklet. It is a pain in the arse trying to descipher what the text reads. It might look good but it is not best option to use to write lyrics on the booklet. This coupled with the fact its the only font used with expection band and album name make the booklet pretty bad.

The band shows promise but lacks in song-writing. If you need some stoner/sludge, you might want to check Plastic Gods out. I personally will be waiting for their next release, whatever it might be.

8 / 10