Deathbed got it's first official release out in 2006, it being a split with Kolt, and released their debut album "Veritas" in 2007. Now in 2010 the band finally released their second album.

This could be shortly described as dark hardcore punk with metal- and crust-influences, topped with vocals between a harsh, low shout and a growling scream. The songs vary from rhythmic and even downright aggressive beatings with a dark feel to some slower and mellower but still highly dark, disturbing, and very atmospheric tracks. The main emphasis is on bursting hate and aggression through mostly mid-pace crusty hardcore, with even a bit of simplistic d-beat thrown in on the B-side to really deliver the songs' feel. There's also some moments on the opposite side of the spectrum, such as the song "Pelko Antaa Suunnan" with it's desperate, vocal-based and minimal approach. The album's desperate and hateful feel can even get you by surprise, as when you're hoping the dark and even sad feelings to change into faceless aggression the emotions only tighten up and become even more oppressive. It's all really impressive and overall so convincing, that after "healing up" from the beating you want to listen to the album again and let it really devour you.

Whereas the band's previous album was weakened due to the too polished sounds this one sounds really natural and organic, and even the band's influences from metal music have blended in to be a natural and unified part of their music. The sounds are pleasingly raw and somewhat heavy to really emphasize the dark feel, while still keeping all the instruments clear anda udible. The vocals sound fittingly anguished and aggressive, too, and even quite personal. It all sounds professional, as does the musicianship itself - it's no wonder though, these fellows are experienced in their game. The album is very holistic, all it's elements fit together and work together. It's also of fitting lenght so that the overwhelming emotions don't become a too heavy listening.

The album looks great. The LP (do note the album is also available as a CD) is packed in black'n'white gatefold covers with very minimal but effective artwork, with the lyrics printed on the inside along with the basic info. It all looks very though-out and fitting. The lyrics themselves leave little to the imagination: supressed thoughs of depression and death are bursting out along with criticism towards the modern world, business-people, wars, innocent suffering and the like. The lyrics really manage to paint an image of a mind's darkness for the most part, and fit perfectly together with the music.

I can only say that while I was impressed but not fully convinced by the band's previous album, this one really blow me away. The songs have their own appeal and identities and are easy to tell apart, but at the same time they work together to create a really dynamic, naturally flowing and varying whole with a strong emotional side as well. The band has it's own sound and style.

I can only wonder if the band can top this in the future? I think and hope that they do. They could occasionally create some bigger contrasts between the aggression and more melancholy-based moments to keep things even more on the move, but aside of that I can only give them a thumbs up and wish them well.

9+ / 10