This debut-album from Acid Bath is their best, for me at least. It has it problems though. For one, the recording is way too low. I know that having low recording can be said that it has more dynamics etc but when I have to put the volume half louder than other albums I have, I think its a bit of a problem. Also the production is bad. I cannot pin-point what is it that makes the production bad but to my ears its quite horrid. The band is technically quite proficient and the changes from slow to fast are nice. Sludge being part of doom and hardcore genres is understandably slow but if 30 minute album has nothing else than slow tempos it tends to become quite boring. Due to the fact that the band has really good song-writing skills, the tracks are still really enjoyable despite all the negative things on the album. The fact that there is faster and slower parts in the songs help a lot. But to me the best track on the album is acoustic Scream of the Butterfly.

The artwork of the album is good-looking and done with taste. The cover artwork by John Wayne Gacy is definitely creepy. I don't know whose good idea it was to put all the lyrics into one big square with no way to decipher when the lyrics for song changes. It is horrible choice if there is no other way to look for lyrics. The middle-label on the vinyls use the same picture that is on the backcover and it isn't the best choice. Gladly there is markers for each side.

I recommend this to everyone who haven't yet heard Acid Bath, even if for Scream of the Butterfly.

9 / 10