Sometimes I buy records just because of cover artwork. Sometimes I buy records because theyre from a specific country. I bought this because of both. I was looking to get into Japanese punk and this looked cool with its cover artwork mimicing style of Crass's covers. Sadly the music in itself was a dissapointment. The biggest problem for me is the production. Both guitars and drums are blurred and hard to make out and vocalists flows on top of the instruments. Bass is of course non-existent in the mix. The good thing is that the vocalist sounds good. He must have a sore throat after every gig. Mostly the atmosphere of the album is pessimistic but there are some happier moments in the music and I enjoy these parts mostly.

The cover artwork is very similiar to what Crass has done, as mentioned before. The collage on the front cover is pretty basic cut and paste job, with pretty goofy looking drawn character plasted on it. On the booklet lyrics are written both in japanese and engrish. The layout is basic and uninteresting, which is the case with the covers over-all. The good thing is that there is markers for a and b sides.

If you are out of punk to buy, you might want to check Argue Damnation. Otherwise I recommend to skip this.

6 / 10