Gian is a band of young people that was originally formed in 2005, and four demos later the band seaced to exist in 2009 due to lack of interest from the band members. A few months later, two of the original members decided to "resurrect" the band with three new members. This demo is the first spawn of this new line-up.

The music is somewhere between melodic and heavier death metal, with some slightly dark atmospheric parts and even clear punk-influence in the form of some riffs. The songs vary greatly from each other with each song having a different emphasis and feel than the others - and the songs can vary from even rather calmly executed atmospheres to some straightforward thrashy soloing, simplistic punk-riffing or groovy and heavy rocking riffs - even within just a one song.

Sadly the whole ain't too great. The songs seem to lack direction and don't really have enough stable and constant elements and choices in them that would make the songs stay interesting for their whole lenght. The songs go forward and progress all the time with some occasional slowing down, but it all seems to lack an aim and a purpose. The whole would also need some more clear amplified contrasts to give the songs and the whole release a good, strong pulse that would give the record it's natural flow. Now the songs follow each other in a pretty ok way, but they don't really compliment each other.

The songs are executed with through clean but heavy sounds. The bass is pounding in the background with it's rather good sound, along with the quite skillful drumming - this is a bit of a shame, as these instruments would have quite a bit to add to the songs if they had some more power in them. Now the songs are driven forward by the riffs, and even though they're quite good the one-dimensional guitar sound damages them a lot. Overall the sounds are professional but not powerful enough, and remove a big amount of the edge the songs would've needed. The same applies to the harsh, shouted and growled vocals: they lack the personal edge and appeal, and end up sounding rather generic. The whole could too easily be labeled as "easy listening", and I think it's not what the band was aiming for with the calmer and more thought-out approach. All the members seem to be experienced and able with their instruments, so they should have no problem refining their compositions and style overall.

I think it was too early for Gian to release a new demo. It's clear that the band hasn't mastered or even found it's new style, nor it's balance with the elements from the band's older, simpler and more brutal style. I hope that this release helps the band in seeing what elements they want to keep in their music in the future, and what should be left out. Based on this demo, it's really difficult to say what to expect from the band in the future. They have the energy, skill and enthusiasm: now they need patience, plans and criticism.

3 / 5