Morgue Fornicator did its first recordings in 2006, but due to some delays caused by the band's former vocalist (among other things) the group didn't get their debut release finished until 2010. The band is currently searching for a label to release the album. For the sake of namedropping: the vocals and organ are handled by Barag-Aghur Gulugjab from Temple of the Maggot, and the strings by Antihuman from Satan's Millenium Productions - the label that released TotM's debut album. Both Antihuman and the drummer Lurker are known from various other Black Metal acts also, so we're talking about experienced artists here.

Luckily it can also be heard that the artists have vision and experience in their craft. It must be mentioned, though, that if you're looking for "musical" Black Metal with high playing skills and tricky riffs you cannot go more wrong than to get to know this band; Morgue Fornicator is about distortion and chaos, hostile lo-fi sounds teamed up with more audible synths and tortured screams and growls that all come together and create a soundtrack for misanthropic lunacy.

The overall soundscape is a mess at first. High-to-mid-pitch and very buzzing guitars with a somewhat lo-fi sound execute fast, relatively interesting and simplistic riffs, but ones that you cannot really make out for most of the time due to the guitar distortion and the drumming that's really unpredictable, aggressive and chaotic despite the drummer's crude style. The drums sound equally lo-fi, but this only makes them sound fittingly cold and uncontrolled, while still keeping the "life" and movement clearly audible in them. They also have a decent amount of power in 'em, even though they're pretty back in the mix. The vocals are distorted high screams and shouts with an occasional low growl and choral backing, and they sound fittingly unique and merciless.

The vocalist took care of the synth work and other effects as well, so that the songs would have a deeper, scarier and more unified atmosphere, and something the listener can grasp; it might be just a simple horror-influenced synth pattern or a simple and slow acoustic guitar melody somewhere in the track amidst the other sounds, or a whole acoustic and even beautiful ambient track between the distorted ones such as the tracks 4, 7 and 9. These synths and other effects give the listener something to grasp within the songs, and it also gives all the chaotic elements something to build around and to draw contrast from. They give the songs a more purposeful feel and make their structure a bit more complex, while making them just a bit more easily distinguishable as well. It gives the chaos and nihilistic coldness a big part of its originality and character.

There are some musical things that push the album down a bit. For example the tracks "Sewing Eyelids..." and "Jar of Infected Cum" sound a bit off with their slower and a bit more audible riffs, and although this kind of parts could give a new depth to the chaos, they should've been executed in a way that gives the album more cohesion. The album has a good overall structure, but its flow is damaged by some parts that just don't seem to find their place - this is of course understandable as this is the band's debut album and they're just searching for different ways to perform their art, but it's still something I'd like them to focus in the future. They haven't found the balance between the messy and aggressive chaos and the few calmer guitar parts, or a 100% functioning way to execute them on the same song or -album. Also, one can think that the even beautiful acoustic ambient tracks don't fit in, but in my opinion their calm and soothing nature in this context gives them a really twisted and perverse feel. They fit in due to the contrast. Of course, some people will definitely disagree, and I fully understand that.

Although I could justify giving this album a grade higher than nine, I am forced to lower it down a bit due to the compositional things that make the album less cohesive - even though the people into this kind of stuff won't likely care about them at all. If you want something fresh, relentless and nihilistic high-quality Black Metal, do check this band out. Bonus points for the cold and clinical cover arts that go hand in hand with the buzzing soundscape and its themes.

9- / 10