Farscape is an oldschool thrash metal quartet from Brazil with a whole ten years of history. This release, the band's second full lenght, was originally published already in 2006, but now in 2010 it was re-released both on CD and LP. The band's third full-lenght should come out this year on Bestial Invasion Records who are also behind this CD-re-release.

Shortly said, if you like old Kreator there's a big chance you'll also like Farscape. The songs on this album are mostly based on such oldschool thrash metal with slick solos and with a hint of speed metal prominent on occasion, such as on the whole "Wild Rocker"-track, but also have a good dose of heavy metal here and there; for example the chorus of "Killers on the Loose" is pure heavy metal -catchiness, whereas the rest of the song is pure aggressive oldschool thrash. Using the heavy metal-elements as such spices was a truly great choice, as it balances the aggression and gives it a whole new meaning while also making the songs stick to your head thrice as hard.

There are some pure thrash-songs on the album as well, such as "Captors of Hate" and the evil-sounding "Celebrate My Death," but they don't have the power that they would have if the album was a full-on thrash attack. The vocalist's thin and a mid-pitch aggressive shouting voice is very traditional speed/thrash metal-voice and has it's own appeal, but it doesn't fully blend together with the music which makes it unable to deliver the most traditional thrash-parts with the aggression and edge they would need. The vocal style does make the lyrics more audible and thus adds to the songs' catchiness though, so it's a win-and-lose situation. If you want a full-scale thrash metal overtake, you might be slightly disappointed.

The album is very and clearly varying between these three main genre-elements, but I think that this is also one of the album's strenghts. It doesn't get stuck to any of them, but switches and varies between them to make an aggressive, catchy and traditional whole which is bound together by the analogue and truly natural and organic soundscape. The variation keeps the album from being an overkill of an listening experience as it is a bit scattered style-wise, but should still serve the needs of a thrash & speed metal maniac more than well. The band's talent and attitude is undeniable.

8 / 10