Before turning into a duo, the band 0+Q released it's debut album "I" as a solo-project. The cover arts take you a long way here: the music is as minimalistic as one could expect.

The album consists of four lenghty tracks of a mixture between drone doom and ambient. The opening five minutes consists of a heavily and irregularly waving, soft but still harsh and strong drone along with some occasional soft piano notes and backround ambience soothing it up. It varies between calm and very determined, which makes it pretty interesting despite the minimalism.

The record pretty much continues the same way until its end; the vastness and harshness of drone doom is blended together with calm ambience and electronics that mostly stay in the background, and it all comes together in creating a peaceful soundscape that only every now and then shows its true vastness and power. It's mystical and even brooding.

The calmness comes with a great price: the album seems to get stuck to it's phases too often. The soundscape is very enchanting at times and it's different elements bind together nicely, but it gets stuck to the "mid-way" of progression and ends up playing it too safe a few too many times. It seems that, for example on song three, the song just is stuck to it's place with no clear change, progression, or anything to get the listener's attention up and to really take the soundscape forward. The album would need more high points.

It seems as if this album was an experiment to the artist, and that he didn't quite well know what he was aiming for. The end result is partly very pleasing, but at the same time highly disappointing due to the truly uneven quality of the material. The album is an uneven listening experience, but presents a very promising artist that might be capable of creating truly enchanting atmospheres if he found what he's going for. He could also try to shed off the unnecessary dampness of the soundscape to really power it up.

6+ / 10