Anal Blasphemy is a solo-project of Molestor Kadotus (known from the bands Calvarium, Black Priest of Satan, Musta Kappeli, and the label Hammer of Hate) that has been going on since '02, and has to this date made three demos, three splits and two full-lenghts. This, the band's second album, consists of "Profane Fornication" which is the actual new album, and as a free bonus it includes a remastered version of the band's third demo "Ejaculation of Black Impurity" alongside a video-clip.

Upon going through the track titles it seems that the band has toned down it's filthy and even childishly crude blasphemy, but when the album starts playing it becomes clear that the filth hasn't gone away: a bigger part of it has just now gone to the actual music, as if the band has gotten even more serious and dedicated. After the intro, which is a mockery of tv-preachers, we get to the actual music. The first song is a mid-tempo one with a heavily pounding rhythmic chorus, and brings out the band's main elements well; the distorted, grainy and slightly mis-tuned guitars creating simplistic but really effective riffs with some occasional higher tremolo-style solo-likes here and there to deepen and to create contrast to the lower guitar. The bass adds some extra pulse and filthiness to the songs and makes them more dense, but it has to be noted that the bass is more of a background-element than a dominant one, unlike on the band's debut album. The drums are simplistic but really effective, and give the riffs a really good drive while also adding a powerful pulse every here and there - and have improved greatly from the past, thanks to the session drummer Kommander. The vocals are a chapter of their own; they vary from high, mistuned shrieks and screams to lower growling and shouts, and sound truly honest and unique all the way. they are rather high in the mix, so they might be a deal-breaker for many out there.

The songs vary from even crudely rocking ones, such as "I Spit..." with it's catchy chorus shouts, to some faster parts as the gritty "Goat of Blasphemous Lust" to some even downright doomy ones like the chorus of "Black Sodomy" and the whole sleazy and dirty six-minuter "Sniffing..." which is slightly reminiscent of Necrophagia. As you can see, the album isn't a too long one, so you can bet that you won't get bored while listening to it.

Whereas I in the long run found the debut to sound too pumped-up for it's own good, this album is in perfect balance; all the instruments have their own place in the whole and get their moments in the spotlight, and work together in creating the songs instead of having some sole leading elements. The album could sound more powerful, but it would eat away the rawness; and the songs feature such catchy verses and choruses (believe it or not) that the soundscape woudn't even need to be more powerful for the songs to stick to your mind.

There isn't really much room for complaints, aside of the lame sample before "Black Sodomy" and the album being pretty short. I think it would laster long in listening if it would have a track more, but it's otherwise pretty much flawless - and also really dynamic. Maybe a slightly more edgy or a heavier, grittier soundscape would've made the album more multi-dimensional and given it a few more spins? Nonetheless, the album is a really effective and original-sounding piece of filthy black metal . If the above sounds good to you, you should get it. It's the best work from the band to date, and especially recommended to any who enjoyed AB's split releases with Bloodhammer and Pure Evil. I would guess that most people will enjoy the filthy visual side as well.

A word about the "Ejaculation..."-demo. I count it as a bonus on the release, which is why I don't want to blabber about it endlessly, but let's just say that it presents a cruder and less refined side of Anal Blasphemy. The demo has been remastered by Kryth (Korgonthurus, Sear, Musta Kappeli, Pure Evil) and he did a splendid job; the soundscape is a lot more powerful and even when compared with the bumpy original version. I'm glad that I got to hear the demo the way it was meant to be.

9 / 10