Ambiansu was formed in 2009 by the two artists behind the bands Ambience and Merankorii. Tagebuch (which stands for "a diary") is the project's debut album, from November of the same year the band was formed in.

The album begins with five minutes of warmth and calmness, as a simple, slow, and nicely plump contrabass-melody repeats on and on, with an occasional electronic sound backing it up and bringing some variation. It's a really simple one, but a really enjoyable one as well. The following thirteen minutes consists of something I could shortly describe as a cheery orchestral track for a royal ball, played on some pretty plastic-sounding and oddly high-pitch synths. The composition itself is really well crafted and takes good use of dramatic highs and lows to deliver it's energy as well, but the used sounds don't do it justice at all and make it sound pretty cliché. The track switches to "the macabre part" around nine minutes, when the track turns into simplistic and wavy synth-based ambience. Again, the high-pitch and synth-based soundscape is a bit difficult to digest after the warm opener, but otherwise it's decent.

"Clearing" is again a more organic tune. It mixes some repetitive bagpipe-melodies and crude percussions in the distance together with humming wind and other atmospheric nature-sounds. The end result is my favourite tune on the album: the melodies are catchy, the overall soundscape is really natural, and the mix of energetic bagpipes and undisturbed calmness of the nature remains interesting for the whole ten minutes despite it's simplisticity. Track four is a three-minute mesh of more or less mystical synth-sounds that are lenghtened to fit the title. The track comes close to delivering the desired effect composition-wise, but the chosen sounds just don't come together in creating the flesh and emotion the track would need. The final nine minutes consist of a really minimalistic background of some slow loops made of organic hissing, pounds, and whatnot, with the main room being occupied by some low and echoed spoken male vocals. It does achieve a certain mystical feel, but it's not a too deep one due to the track's simple and monotonal nature - albeit some looping and repetition is used to make the different elements stick out more every now and then, they don't add enough of the substance the track would need to really work in such a lenghty form.

The album can be summarized easily: it features five good compositions with good and functioning ideas, but ones that don't naturally function amidst each other due to their wholly different styles, and are partially executed with unfitting sounds that lack in depth and character.

My opinion is that the band should've waited longer before releasing an album, as it's clearly noticeable that the band is still searching for it's own sound, style, and different ways of expression. The tracks are good composition-wise and present a band that has bravery and a good amount of ideas, but one that also should still work on their ideas a lot more in order to create a fully functioning whole.

5½ / 10