Slash Dementia is a project-based grindcore band of some Gian-members, and this is their debut demo.

The members are young but pretty talented musicians, and it shows. The songs switch between the usual, both Nasum and Rotten Sound -reminiscent straightforward riffing to a few slower moments to give the demo a good structural rhythm and progress. The style of the riffs and their heavy and fleshy but still nicely raw sounds point towards the members' work with Gian, which gives the songs an amount of personality. They have a good amount of variation, and the death metal -esque slower rhythmic parts and the songs' small details show that, despite the project's nature, the demo wasn't composed in a day.

The slightly distorted and low, shouted vocals have a good amount of aggression in them, and fit well together with the heaviness of the instruments. The guitars and bass sound heavy and fleshy, and hav a good amount of deepness to their sound - especially for a demo release. The same goes for the pleasantly vivid and organic drums, also boasting a fitting heaviness.

Overall the demo presents a capable band, but one that lacks a certain style. The songs vary quite a bit between the more modern and death metal-sounding spices and elements and the more straightforward and crude Nasum-like riffing, which causes the demo to sound a bit disjointed. The sounds suit all the songs, but cannot hide their differences. It feels as if the band played it too safe, as the songs don't really stick to your mind despite their aggression - and the somewhat damp soundscape softens the guitars, amplifying this fact. The demo shows a band with talent, but one that didn't fully take it to use to create something mindblowing. The same can more easily be spotted through the lyrics: the good basic idea is there, but seems as if the members weren't ready to really see the effort to polish and refine their creations.

Slash Dementia is a talented band that just made this demo too soon. I hope that the group really gives their all on their next demo, as it seems like they'd have something more to give in the field of grindcore. Don't hurry.

3+ / 5