The second album by Iris Traumann, nowdays active in Schattenspiel as well, is a lenghty and atmospheric (or moreso emotional) whole of bold and mostly instrumental electronic tunes. She has made some digital releases prior to this album, but for me this was my first encounter with the project. I originally thought that this is her debut album, but I found out she's released a digital full-lenght "Infantile Amnesie" on Notariqon -net label before this one.

The songs are around three and four minutes long each, and are based on catchy rhythms, repetition, often a longing, cheerful or otherwise very clear emotional side, and a slight experimental and even noisy touch when it comes to the used sounds. The songs vary from brisk techno/dance-parts to mellow and relaxed tunes, but most often it's somewhere in between the two with some accompanying industrial "crudeness" to intensify the individual sounds up a bit, and to give the songs a clearer structure.

One of the things that bother me the most with this album is its highly varying volume levels; at times you have to turn up the volume to properly hear a song, and the next moment the music might literally explode out from the speakers. I am exaggerating here. of course, but the variation is nonetheless so crude that it causes the songs a good deal of harm - even making them sound more amateurish. A professional mastering might've lifted the songs to whole new heights, but we all know how these things go.

The main bother, though, is that even though the songs have been crafted with time and effort and have a fittingly deep soundscape, they seem to lack attitude and character. It seems as if the artist settled for too little and stopped working on the songs too soon, as it seems a lot of them would have the potential for a lot more if their distinct features were enchanced and amplified to a greater extent. The other thing is the amount of music on the album; seventeen individual songs is just too much, especially since they don't seem to have an unifying theme or style. The album ends up feeling too much like a compilation instead of a well crafted album. I would like to suggest that the artist would pick a specific theme for his next release to create a more holistic entirety, as now the album feels like a bunch of different ideas and experimentations mashed together.

I'll surely keep an ear on the artist's next release, and I hope it'll be a more dynamic one.

6 / 10