What I'm reviewing now is probably the oldest Finnish heavy metal -recording! The tape remained archived for years, and wasn't released before 2008 when it was published as a CD. Now in 2010, Svart Records decided to release the songs as a limited pressing vinyl as well.

I had heard nothing from the album prior to listening to it, so I didn't know what to expect. The thing first to get my attention is the rawer sound. We're not talking about an actual "live" album here, but the band found the title fitting as the songs were recorded within a mere day in Pan Studio, Helsinki. Despite the rawness, the sounds do their job. In a way you get fond of the sounds, as you can sense youthful enthusiasm and rage from them.

Vocals are of the familiar Sarcofagus-kind, but when it comes to the instrumentation the band's somewhere between heavy metal, progressive rock and blues. The songs turn out to be rather bass-driven, although the guitars are important as well. The songs' bass-driven nature gives the album some progressive/blues -type groovy tone. We get to enjoy guitar- and bass-solos on many of the tunes as well. The drum work is up to par as well and the comping has enough variation. My favorite tunes on the album are "Go to Hell" and "Here I Am."

To sum it up I can say that this is a fine release. While the album is playing, the listener can enjoy the cover artwork as well as the gorgeous booklet filled with pictures and texts from the band's early days. The album has some bad sides as well, though. The tight schedule can be heard in the album's execution, and you can't help but to wonder how it would've sounded like if there had been enough time to properly perfect the songs. All told, the album gives a honest image of what Sarcofagus and Finnish heavy metal sounded like in the end 70s.

7 / 10