This Italian duo is formed by Stefano Spataro and Florentina Decianu, and on their debut release they present a twisted mixture of electronic loops and noises, some simple bass guitar riffing and tormented female vocals.

A really distorted, harsh and steady beat takes the listener through the first track. Aside of the monotonal beat the track consists of occasional short bass rumbles, an out-of-place and child-like synth melody, and irritating modular synth noises. The track lasts for a mere minute and a half, and really throws all the band's characteristics and assets right at your face. The duo is clearly trying to annoy and disturb the listener. The following three-minuter relies on a more interesting variant of the electronic beat, and in addition to some spatial bubbly electronic sounds the song also debuts the female shrieks that are bound to make you feel unease and bother.

The EP continues pretty much in the same vein throughout its lenght, mixing toy-like noisy synths, a couple retro samples, simplistic programmed drums and other electronic oddities together with female screams and grainy bass guitar work to make the whole more alive - while still retaining the disturbing overall feel, of course. All the different instruments are easy to tell apart, and especially so as the songs tend to be pretty minimalistic. The fifth track is the clearest example of the minimalism, as it's almost fully based on a repeating bass guitar riff with just a little bit of ambient electronics to spice it up. After quite a few spins I begun to crave for fleshier and fuller sounds that would make the songs less bleak and bare, but the rugged coldness has its own charm, too.

The songs don't leave much of a recollection composition-wise, but the overall bizarre, bold and even irritating feel is bound to leave some kind of a mark on the listener. It just isn't enough. Whereas I can imagine myself listening to the EP every now and then for its even confusing nature, I don't think I could take it for a longer spin. The EP lacks the final cohesion that would make it act and feel more like a hammer instead of a pack of nails, and that would keep the listener enchanted for the fourteen minutes. Instead of doing so, the EP lets go of the listener a few times during its lenght, and it simply seems to end before even really starting to reveal its essence. Also, raising the volume level on the last track was a really tacky choice.

"Harassment" is a decent EP that lives up to it's name, for sure. It shows the band's core aims and stylistical choices, but also shows that their approach hasn't reached its maturity yet. If the EP was even bolder and if the songs had more fleshy content making them feel stronger and more unified, and if it would end in a more fitting manner, I could've easily given it a higher grade. I hope we'll be hearing more from this duo. Do note that the release comes packed in a cheap but good-looking digipack, making it well worth its already cheap price.

6 / 10