This one's a real treasure! First wave Black Metal in the spirit of Hellhammer and Bathory. This two-man band was active for a short period of time between 1986 and '87, but it was enough to record a handful of songs. But, the songs didn't see the light of day until 2010, when they were the band's guitarist/vocalist decided to release them as a CD-R through his label Salute Records.

Then to the music itself. The songs have been taken from the original tapes, and as the recording equipment at that time weren't up to par with today's gear, so the hifi-enthusiasts among you can skip this release right away. I think the sound quality is still better than what I would've expected, and I found the reverberant sounds to even be original in a good way. There are ten songs, but they're pretty short poundings. None of them have any hit riffs, nor does any of them particularly stand out, but the entirety sounds good in all its darkness.

The musicianship clearly relies more on tough attitude than skill. I could've liked hearing some more variation in the drum comping instead of mere basic beating. The vocals are something close to HC-punk bedlam, but the echoing sounds make it sound a degree darker, too.

All told, the release in question is a cultural act. It's tremendous that the new generation, too, has a chance to listen what underground black metal was like in the 80s. After all, this kind of music was a rare phenomenon back then.

8- / 10