Morne was formed in 2005 by Milosz (ex- Filth Of Mankind) in Boston (USA). Before the Untold Wait LP they have released a Demo LP and a Split LP with UK's Warprayer. After the release of Untold Wait Morne changed drummer (twice) and completed their line-up with a permanent keyboard/sound manipulation guy.

5 long songs of epic and doomy crust. Neurosis goes crust? No, they have their own thing going own. The people in this band have played in lots of good bands before Morne (Filth Of Mankind, Grief, Disrupt, etc). This doesn't sound like a cheap copy of anything. Even if the the songs are long I could have listened to this record for a lot longer. The CD version has 7 songs and the 2 songs that are not on the LP version are released on a 7" Seams/Twilight Burns (out on Feral Ward, too).

The record starts with "Eyes" which is about 7 minutes long and there's singing only in the last minute. The second song actually reminds me of For Victory era Bolt Thrower because of its faster tempo and double bass drums. Last on the A side is "Machine". The intro of the song, which is about 2 minutes long, is slow, dark and gloomy and the piano on it sounds actually very beutiful. After the intro the tempo rises, it's mid-tempo, not FAST.

The B-side has only 2 long songs (the title track Untold Wait and Sorrow). These both songs also have violin and cello in parts of them. They fit in very nicely and don't sound corny at all. This music is great for a cold and dark day here in Finland. You don't need the sun when you can listen to this album.

I just read that their 2nd full lenght should be out mid 2011. So check it out and buy these older releases too! A great band.

9 / 10