The Finnish death metal group Slugathor might've been buried, but its legacy is very much alive. Desecresy was formed in 2009 by two Slugathor-members; Tommi Grönqvist handles all the instruments, and Jarno Nurmi (also known from the now defunct Nerlich and his solo-project Serpent Ascending) delivers the growls. The group states to play death metal as it should be, which in this case stands for a mixture of Bolt Thrower-type of music mixed together with heavier and more brutal Scandinavian death metal a'la early '90s.

Desecresy focuses on heaviness, strong rhythms forging ahead, and simple but effective riffs. The overall tempos stays in the midway, and the repetition-based shredding and steady and strong bass guitar riffs are more about creating a constant sinister atmosphere than aspiring for instant appeal or catchiness. Although both the bass- and guitar riffs are mid-tempo, their atmosphere and sturdy sound keeps them interesting, and the guitar distortion teams up really well with the bass' pulse in creating an entwined, vivid and pulsating flow. The vocals are really low and throaty ones, and instead of sounding powerful and violent they're moreso heavy and soft-edged; they're not shouts, they're growls, and fit the steadily progressing songs and their soundscape perfectly.

The above mentioned battering pulse is given a big part of its life by the free, even emancipated drums. They often deliver fast and steady bass drum blasts, but "hand-wise" tend to go for freer and even innovative expression. Even though the main focus is all the time on firmly keeping up the steady beats to ensure the songs' functionality, the beats are still a treat to the ear after listening to way too many death metal drummers who rely wholly on technique without applying enough feeling or emotion to their expression. The drum sounds are one of the most organic ones I remember hearing, which is understandable since the whole album was home-recorded; every hit can be heard, and especially the cymbals have an interesting, soft and hissing sound, which sounds almost hypnotic at its best. The rest of the album's highlights are delivered by the higher-pitch lead guitar, which delivers tasty and fittingly mid-pace solos to accompany the heavier shredding. It makes the album's dense and dark atmosphere a bit lighter and easily approachable, while also making it sound spookier in a way, which suits the album's overall oldschool feel and atmosphere more than well.

The album's visual side consists of a huge amount of skulls, underground catacombs with their arches, and a few more cosmic images accompanying some lyrics. All of these images are hand-drawn in a simple but detailed and very effective manner, and them being printed with black colour on red non-gloss cardboard paper makes them look even more fitting to the album's atmosphere. The lyrics deal with death, existence, religion, mortality, and such colossal themes in a philosophically pondering, yet concrete manner. The lyrics are pretty short and simplistic, and thus give a lot of room for the listener's own thoughts and assumptions. I think that this kind of an approach fits the songs' mood a lot better than more straight-forward lyrics would, although they easily leave their listener/reader unaffected unless he/she really digs deep in them.

If you are into pleasantly murky and organic oldschool death metal and appreciate the atmosphere more than catchiness, I'd recommend you to check this band out - and especially so if you're a fan of bands such as Bolt Thrower, Slugathor and Adramelech. The album isn't perfect, simply because it seems to lack the daring to take the group's style to the next level where it would cause a greater impact; now the album is all-around good, but feels a bit like the band would have the skills and the vision to do better, and to create more memorable tunes and deeper atmospheres. This kind of "safeness" is acceptable since this is the band's debut, and a really noteworthy one too, but I wish for some more edge and memorability from Desecresy in the future.

8˝ / 10