If you like a punch in the stomach then you have reached the right place. The new Project Hate release delivers a sound thick as a brick wall and adds a kick in the balls to go along. Scanning the forums and discussions concerning the band, there was a lot of controversy among fans regarding the lineup change for this effort, but with a vision crystal clear such as the one of Lord Kenth Philipson you really can't go wrong.

The metal sections roll on like a steam engine with the steady professionalism due to decades of experience between the members and specially the drums kick in like a bulldozer from hell courtesy of Tobben Gustafson (Vomitory), while the programmed orchestrations, drum'n'bass and techno sections bring variation to the long tracks. Speaking of which, some of the tracks feel a bit stretched out and part of the bridges could have been shortened to some extent.

Then we come to the pressing matters, the vocals. As always Jörgen Sandström (Grave) slaughters everything holy with his harsh growls. This is experience speaking again and you can really hear Jörgen's been doing what he does best for a long long time. The new girl in town, Ruby Roque (ex-Witchbreed), manages to create a majestic presence with her vocals, though at some points lacking subtle expression and leaning on sheer power.

At the end, with this music it comes down to taste and preferences. The long songs, infinite layers of sounds and unholy lyrics may seem endlessly repetitive and even boring for some, but it will give you an bottomless treasure chest if you are willing to look deeper under the facade. For me it's remarkable to listen to a mammoth such as this, containing subtle nuances and fine details to drive your mind insane. You really want to take in every detail, but find yourself lost and starring back at something completely new for every listen.

9- / 10