When you decide to dissect one of John Zorn's releases you really don't know where to begin and Ipsissimus is no exception. It is music for people with a short attention span, but then again you need patience to take in what you can of this extraordinary audio voyage.

Of course in comparison to Zorn's work with Naked City Ipsissimus is straight as an arrow and coherent in style. Though anyone who is familiar with the colorful works of saxophonist and composer extraordinaire will know what to wait from this release as well.

From the first notes opening this album it becomes crystal clear the bass and drum combo is in dead right center position for this piece of sound art. The third lead player is vocalist Mike Patton who gives us growls, whispers, shrieks and squeals while guitarist Marc Ribbot and mr. Zorn himself rather spice things up than claim any lead role.

The structure itself is rather simple, a nice funky bass riff accompanied by the drums repeated over again with variations here and there until everyone falls into a frenzied instrumental melee.

"The Book of Los" is one of the most remarkable tunes on this album starting off with beautiful guitar playing and brings forth visions of serenity and bliss until kicking in with a more familiar pace at the end and peaking at another instance of insanity.

The album is a roller coaster of atmospheres and styles where the funky riffs turn in an instant into instrumental madness with all musicians twirling their improvisations in a tangled knot.

There is something very magical about this music. If you wish to hear number one hits or soulless pop-tunes you really should try MTV. If you're willing to make a long journey to magic and wonders, then this is your pick.

8 / 10