We are attending an opera! No, a musical perhaps? Even better, a show! Itís a carnival and freakshow led by sprechgesang expert Mr.Doctor stretching his vocal chords through an enormous range of atmospheres.

The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra starts the show with bringing forth music so alive you can touch it and from there on we go through masterful classical composition and rock sections alike. In the 90ís this music was so ahead of itís time that it left Devil Doll into a state of obscurity, but almost 2 decades later the music still sounds in place. The music incorporates classical music, rock and musical theatre in a mix so fluid you hardly find the welds.

One of the issues that you will come across on in Devil Doll is the vocals of Mr.Doctor; they are bound to be either loved or hated and the main reason for disagreement concerning his music. The other issue should be the release length. Hitting over an hour of beautiful progressive music ,hanging together as one whole despite the split into parts, itís hardly meant for the casual listener and thus a sad obscurity has been laid over Devil Dollís legacy.

Music this thoroughly composed and executed should be brought forth to a wider audience, not left alone to rot with only a small cult following. The potential is not so much commercial as it is artistic, but none the less we gaze out into the future and hope to see Mr.Doctor again.

9 / 10