Rízes has cooked up a concept of ancient Greek mythology, but the concept feels more like a cover up. We are now discussing music that could just as well be named with numerals or some abstract ideas. The concept itself brings nothing new to the music but predefined ideas that only make your perception narrowed. But if we scrap the concepts we find teutonic influences and doom riffs. The music has strong influences from 70’s German space- and psychedelic-rock kicking the last dust off any stories written by Homer.

By no means are the built up themes Wagnerian either despite the krautrock feel, but the five songs flow strongly like The Five Rivers dancing in the midst of a nice crunchy groove and more minimal electronics and drone painting an abstract picture for the mind.

So what do we have after all the ornamented sentences? What is left in our hands is a pseudo-strong release that needs to be focused on the music itself and cut off all associate B.S. The music stands well enough on it’s two feet but needs to be subject to stronger focus. Of course it’s a matter of opinion, but the concept eviscerates the power of the compositions as you try to find a glimpse of Greece.

7+ / 10