This time I'm reviewing the debut full-lenght from the Ukrainian band Ver. The band plays straight-forward black metal with a good drive, without coming out as poor man's Darkthrone. The latter is especially true since there certainly isn't anything to complain about in the musicians' instrumentation, and the songs have a nice amount of challenging riffs and comping changes. The guitars sound good, but what most pleased me was the vocalist's good voice and his very good articulation. For some reason, a thumping bass guitar stuck to my mind as well...

The record sounds like a solid package and holds no major weak moments. Nonetheless, the band is plagued by a certain lack of originality, and material like this tends to drown in the congestion of black metal bands.

All in all, "The Measure of Waste" is a strong debut, but one which lacks the certain something that would make it stand out. The band should think about how to make the music more interesting. How about employing more progressive moments?

7+ / 10