A red cardboard-package holds the debut of this Italian duo that performs an atmospheric mixture of both electronic and organic instrumention, with a good dose of free-form structures and an overall open-minded approach to composing. I wasn't able to find much info about the band (mostly due to me not understanding Italian; the album comes with an A3-insert which might clear things up), but my guess is that this is their first recording. It was crafted during a two-year span with the help of a few session musicians, and was eventually released as a co-operation between a whopping amount of nine different labels. Visually speaking, the album looks stylish and professional, but the printer-paper insert and the cardboard packaging keep it from looking too posh. Well done.

I mentioned the packaging already in the previous paragraph, since it's a good pointer of the band's approach as well; talent and dedication mixed together with cruder and more underground-styled aesthetics, all done with seemingly very little care about how anyone outside the band would react to the album. It's a beautiful and complex racket.

The album opens up with a song that mixes a melancholic piano-melody with a vocal loop, a SID-beat, soft ambience by an electric guitar and a lot of organic hiss and what-not, which comes together as a soft and surprisingly unified whole despite its noisy elements and most of the instruments seemingly minding their own business. The follower is more of an ambient-piece that relies on slow organ-synth notes, low and looped beats and muffled male vocals. This calmness amplifies the more energetic follower, which is driven forward by an electronic guitar and a great deal of electronic loops that give the tune a great amount of depth, detail and variation despite its main riff and structure being rather monotonal. The fourth tune presents more spacey atmospheres through echoed and eerie synths and a distorted vocal loop. As you can see, that despite all these listed differences and the amount of variation, I've merely describd half of the album.

The album reminds me of Videotrage and 1234567890 due to the (to some extent) shared atmosphere and alternative ambient approach, as well as the somewhat dusty soundscape and overall retro-ish feel. The songs have a simplistic basic structure and a leading rhyhtm and/or melody that they follow for most of their lenght, be it delivered by a synth, piano, vocals, guitar or something else, but this basis is surrounded by such an amount of depth-providing effects, rhythms and bits of sound that the songs become a vast territory of movement. The slightly dusty and softening soundscape might be the main reason for this, but for some unspecified reason these seemingly separate elements come together in painting the whole picture, and the songs retain their basic logic despite being a mixture of gentle organic instruments and cruder electronics. The songs mix together beauty and rough ugliness as well as borderline-annoying noisiness, and somehow make it all sound logical. The band used their two years of crafting this album well, it seems.

As I said, the album sounds rather unified, but on the other hand it doesn't have enough of distinctive features that would make it better stick to your mind. I know we're not talking about pop songs here, but it's clear that the songs would have all the capabilities to deliver more power and a to cause greater impact if they would have more of clear high and low points - such as the very energetic latter part of song nine, and the guitar riff and driving rhythms of song three.

I'll surely be waiting to hear what these people come up with next. If you enjoy a mixture of ambient, roughness and a great amount of detail, and you aren't afraid of avantgarde, give this album a listen. I'm rather certain that it will cause a reaction, be it a bad or a good one.

8+ / 10