Kill The Romance performs melodic death metal with a modern times approach. The group was founded in 2004, and they've made three EPs and two full-lenghts since. The debut album was released in 2007, but I haven't heard it so I cannot make any comparison between this album and the group's earlier works.

The band's music is based on melodic death metal, but with a good amount of influence taken from lighter and more progressive metal as well as metalcore, especially when talking about the choruses and vocals. The riffs have enough twists and solos to be interesting, and the variation from death-shredding to lighter melodies and freer rocking keeps the album from becoming stale. The songs are nicely heavy but catchy, which especially applies to the choruses - most of which can be merited as the success of the strong clean vocals and their well-written melodies. Overall the melodies are not over-the-top, but still manage to sound fresh and surprise the listener.

In addition to their catchiness and sudden metalcore-twists of calm melodies suddenly bursting into harsher beatings and the vocalist starting to scream, the songs rely on dramatic atmospheres. They have some small spicing by synths every now and then, but mostly this drama is created by the shredding constantly balancing with the lighter moments, and the vocalist's delivery varying between clean vocal melodies, growls and shrieks. It all works well in keeping the album interesting, but too much is just too much; the album sounds pleasing, but doesn't leave too much of a memory trail. Despite listening to the album for a good amount of spins, I didn't get a good image of its whole. It doesn't sound disjointed, but just doesn't come together as a solid entirety.

The lyrics are something of a letdown. They're written to resemble thought-flow and are pretty lenghty, which is understandable since the string melodies and progressive elements need a lot of lyrics if the vocalist intends to deliver melodies in the same scale and amount. The lyrics just seem too lenghtened and even plain pointless at times, and overall have very little to give due to too much rambling. This "quantity over quality"-balance makes the lyrics reveal their atmosphere and main points, but overall they would need a lot more work to actually be interesting and to provide additional dramatics to the songs. The visual side is even more disappointing; it's a dark mush of black-meets-yellow, with some images of destroyed houses in the background. It fits the themes of wrath and self-acknowledgement, but is plain too dark and dull to be even almost interesting.

If you're into metalcore and melodic death metal, you'd do well to check this band out as they have a lot of skill and a good ear for melody. They just would need to focus more on the songs' basic structures to make them cause a greater impact instead of leaving a foggy but pleasing memory trail.

7 / 10