The initial reaction to Portuguese Black metallers Medo isn’t the best one you would hope for and with the introduction to their album all hopes of a better tomorrow are faltering. The intro starts of with ghastly vocals that are processed and edited to give an unearthly and diabolical feel. The intro works as a textbook example of the basic retro horror movie soundtrack with the dreadful clichés that only wake embarrassment in you.

Luckily when the first real track starts my worst fears faltere and the album is clear uphill since. The backgrounds are varied and well executed. The atmospheres are built up with heavy use of keyboards that give you that retro scary movie feel. Even though working with clichés again, this time it is imaginative and simply works.

The vocals how ever stay as a certain low point of the whole. Even though the array goes from traditional black metal screaming to evil spoken word, they fail to impress me and feel out of par with music.

Bottom line is, this duo makes an impressive impact with their crooked take on black metal, but still fails to hit the bulls eye. With ample attention to the vocals in particular Medo become a force to reckon with on future releases and I hope it will be something disturbing.

7½ / 10