Apparently what we have on our hands is the reincarnation of a 2007 cd-r/tape demo that has reached us finally on CD. But enough of history and more of the product at hand.

Honestly I had no idea what to expect when I pressed play. The first track is some wicked ethereal guitar playing and has psychedelia written all over it. You get the feeling you accidentally picked up that hippy stoner record. Track two is way more frantic and when the vocals start youíre brought back to earth with a bang. Itís black metal screaming all the way baby!

The music throughout the record varies between atmospheric hippy stuff and slightly more frantic songs, but an earthly vibe flows over the whole as the thick humming sound sweeps you away. With other words the sound isnít clean, but itís not your average basement sound. The boys in Murw have managed to get something living on tape.

Itís more than studio gimmicks. Itís honest. Itís simple. above all, itís beautiful.

8 / 10