You do love Swedish death metal, don’t you?
...and you do love progressive rock?

Dan Swanö is one of the pioneers of the Swedish death metal scene from the early 90’s and in ‘99 after various endeavours Dan released one of the benchmarks of his lengthy career. For the historical aspect Moontower was giving the finger to his ex-band mates and a very potent one indeed. Fans worldwide are still hoping to get a sequel to this already legendary album with their knickers wet.

The music is heavily synthesizer driven but the mellow and beautiful melodies take their rightful place in the spotlight. Dan’s deep and clear growls also deserve recognition and the clean vocals that are utilized at the end of “Add Reality” bring a new dimension to said song. Though all instruments are played by Dan he still manages to create a varied album that doesn’t wear out with time.

In terms of fillers I can only name the instrumental song “Encounterparts” that sadly doesn’t carry through it’s 6 minute span even though the main melody is killer. The rest of the songs go 50/50 between good and solid gold.

Though my clear bias for Moontower, many of the tracks create an epic feel to the whole which causes the album to have a special place for me. Bottom line is still that within it’s marginal genre Moontower has over a decade managed to stay unique in both sound and quality.

9- / 10