Now I'm reviewing a very mystical case, as I wasn't able to find much info about the band on the internet. Finally I found out that Uzb is an incognito-project of Hannu Sepponen and Reijo Kärhä from "Noitalinna Huraa!". The genre is blues rock or hippie rock, either one goes. What makes the release weirder is that even though it's supposed to be a live album, I believe that the album is wholly a studio-recording. Sure, you can hear some crowd noise, but I still think that it's a studio album. At least the instruments don't sound live-like at all, but instead they're very produced.

The music itself is authentic retro-styled hippie rock spiced with technical playing. You get to hear some organs as well, along some brief visits by other extra instruments. We're still talking about material made with a strong spirit of the hippies' golden age. The guitar playing is very skillful, but still rather straight-forward in most of the songs. The bass guitar is particularly tender and creates a nicely groovy and soft soundscape for the album. The vocalist remotely reminds me of Ozzy Ozbourne - and I mean this in the good sense! The band managed in making the vocals sound retro, which pleased me a lot.

The songs aren't particularly unforgettable, or at least not on the first listen. The album lacks a specific hit song, too, but the album's whole is steadily strong and the retro-feel lasts until the very end. The album's best songs are the most technical ones, simply because I dig progressive rock otherwise too. I found "Wo-Manual" and "We Can Fly" to be the strongest songs.

I think the release is a good, solid package. I would've hoped for more influences from progressive music and for bolder use of the organs. I recommend this release for all the oldschool rock'n'roll-roosters out there.

7½ / 10