A killer riff crushes itís way out of the speakers. It repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats.

The endless cascade of repeating riffs create an highly psychedelic feel, where you can reach a higher consciousness without intoxicating your body. The feeling grows along with the track. The growth itself is slow but intentional. The tracks are created and executed with a fierce accuracy and perspective.

Every hit and note have their meaning. None the less the sound is crushing like a panzer battalion on a slow march. There is a dangerous groove hanging over the record that manages to marry the world of stoner rock with the creative drone doom of Sunn 0))).

The added trippy passages adds on the flower people feel and fullfills the sound with a hippie aesthetic that the band name letís you expect. Effects fill the soundscape adding more to the sound than just heavy distortion. The elements are mastered to the full with all parts perfecting each other. I cannot emphasize enough on how well everything is executed, only the vocals could be questioned concerning theirpurpose and function. As for themselves the vocals do not create any irritation, but it feels like they donít add anything worthwhile to the mix.

Still over looking a minor flaw, Dark Buddha Rising is a definite force to be reckoned with!

9- / 10