Atmospheric ambient is a hard one to crack when trying to break out of the box. There are so few elements to distinguish yourself with when you’re doing it by the Brian Eno textbook. Mostly this sums up to most of the ambient entrepreneurs sounding rather alike and no one dares to distinguish themselves. So a big “thank you” is in place to Brian for both the good and the bad.

Marc Broude is aiming at distinguishing himself with a sense of humour that isn’t found that much in the music, but in the titles. For me personally the tracklist paints a rather different picture than the music.

Setting aside issues with titles, the music is by no means under par but it really doesn’t distinguish itself all that much. The music feels mostly like background sounds or a soundtrack that needs the additional support from visuals to really carry through. Alone it fails to give a lasting impression.

The utilized sounds vary a great deal from glockenspiel type of atmospherics to more basic sound paintings, building slow monuments and some dangerous foretelling but overall “Medicine” is a very electric release, as is to be expected. As a happy surprise also some acoustic instruments and live elements are thrown into the mix.

Over the span of the album you go through an array of atmospheres from dark to trippy until you are sent to outerspace and to say the very least: For my candlelight date with the devil I would definitely use Mr. Broude’s creation to set the atmosphere.

7˝ / 10