Leather Nun America is an americana influenced stoner-doom band. These boys arenít trying to impress any of us with their name nor their cover artwork but the music speaks for them instead. One riff per song is enough and itís repeated over and over like a good stoner composition is bound to. The guitars sound dynamite and the overall production has a nice retro feel to it, but the vocals seem to be completely overlooked in the mix.

As for my favourite subject, the vocalist. This guy has some serious Glenn Danzig mannerisms going on, but not in a good way. Personally I canít think of anyone but Elvis sound good singing like that.

For the music Leather Nun America gets a strong 6Ĺ / 10, as they do kick ass. The fucked up promo distribution however gives the label a solid 0/10. Next time you could try at least naming the mp3ís.

6Ĺ / 10