Banjo. Grainy recording. Lo-Fi with some serious edge.
Heavy re-verb on the percussion, itís more of an large undertone field than actual percussion.
A proclaiming voice states, more than sings, poetry and paints pictures of gloom upon the horizon of your mind. Suddenly a song is more drone and noise than folk.
Here we have the massacre in short terms.

Re-verb has perhaps been one of the most essential tools of production for this CD. You could say the tracks are drowned in echo, but at the same time it gives the music itís sound.
All the songs are built up in similar fashion, building up the track around a melody or riff with different layers coming and going building the effect of variation and depth.
The whole doesnít seem to move all that much, more specifically at all. It would seem like the composer has in mind to show you all details at hand over the movement from one place to the other. The drone parts feel a bit distant as they share few or none elements with the folk songs and should have been incorporated more seamlessly into the flow.
The lyrics or poems, as mentioned, are dark and fatal but due t the clear up-tone instrumentation the songs are left with a rather positive feel.

All in all this is a very professional display of complete DIY music as it is. My strongest complaint is in regard of the releases flow. A more fluid structure and better integration of the drones would have given higher points.

8- / 10