The German thrash-patrol Witchburner was formed already in 1992, but it wasn't before the year 2011 that I came to hear of 'em. The group has released six full-lengths in total as to this date (9/2011), along with a good bunch of splits and other smaller releases.

As you can already see from the track titles, Witchburner relies on the core oldschool-basics of thrash metal. The songs are brisk, the comping is basic and the choruses are simple and catchy. Even though the songs aren't too innovative, they have a good drive and an energetic vibe. The vocalist's hoarse croaks suit the band's oldschool approach and the raw-but-professional guitar sounds good, too.

There are some solos, blastbeats and choral shouts to spice the songs, which have a good amount of variation from rocking bits to slower and heavier moments - along with the most traditional thrashing, of course. The songs come nicely together despite the variation, most likely due to the crisp and rather organic soundscape and the croaking vocals. I wouldn't have minded if the band's sound was even crunchier, but it works well this way too.

As for the negatives, the songs would've benefited from more nuances in the string section, especially so since the drums are so simple and the vocals rather monotone. The bass sound is nice and plump, but could've given the songs more detail and punch if it were more distinctive. Other than that, the album delivers a quality chunk of traditional "evil" thrash metal. The packaging and the cliché-filled lyrics aren't half bad either.

The group's attitude shines through the songs; they're doing what they love to do, and do it well. Witchburner sounds like a band that's best enjoyed live in a club-environment, so go check 'em out if you get the chance.

7½ / 10