Inuit Kunt is a Finnish '77-punk trio. It's been active for a mere year or so, which is a bit surprising since this EP is already their second one. The EP's available as a tape and mp3-download, and the older and lengthier EP is available as a CD-R and mp3-download. The prices on both are well affordable.

After the really brisk half a minute opener, "To You" delivers a more descriptive demonstration of the band's style. The songs rely on a relaxed pace provided by a steady drums and just slightly bouncing bass-pulse. The guitars have a really thin distortion so that their simple melodies and riffs are easy to follow, and have a nice coating of rawness. The songs' overall feel is "nerdy" in some way; the riffs are nicely rocking, but are delivered without true enthusiasm or zeal.

The vocals amplify the songs' introvert nature; they range from tired clean vocals to occasional screams, and make it more evident why the band describes them as "bespectacled punk with early morning drunkenness." The songs have energy and could go far, but the band has toned 'em down to give them personality instead of instant appeal.

The lyrics are surprisingly diary-like tales that mostly revolve around girls, drinking, and hanging around with friends and other people. No surprises there. They have a somewhat bitter tone and aren't trying to tell anything to their listener, they're just pieces of text without a real context. They serve their purpose and suit the music, though. They're printed on the tape's j-card with a really tiny and blurry font which makes them a pain to read, and I felt like I'm wasting way too much time deciphering them. The minimal black&white-design is pleasing, but equally unrewarding as the lyrics.

The EP presents a band with a good amount of attitude and personality, but with song material that just doesn't make the cut yet. Although I like Inuit Kunt's mellow but energetic approach and the music's subtle retro-feel, the songs just don't leave enough of a memory trail. The two horns on song four are a nice add, but the fact still remains the same: the core power trio itself would have to learn to deliver a stronger punch.

7 / 10