In ancient courts of the kings, the supreme rulers dealt out death sentences to bards and jesters who failed to entertain, were out of tune or if the ruler just felt like it. This made the efforts to impress his majesty greater and an atmosphere like that probably dropped of the most hopeless cases to eat rats or start of as farmers or whatever. Of course there would always have been the occasional mislead bugger who would end up in the gallows and loose this survival of the fittest.

So what about our British friend who uses the name Gothick? For me personally the selected name already raises the warning signs.
What to expect?

I can tell you nothing really prepared me for this. The songs are built up from plastic, b-class, electro tracks that sound like they were produced on an 80ís vintage Casio keyboard. The occasional spice of guitar is introduced to really give life to the material. The sad part is that the guitar might hit a killer riff and just continue into futile improvisation instead of milking the gold where it is.

The real Achilles heal of Gothick is not in the inability to catch the killer riffs or in the sub-par sounds but in the vocals. I would not call it singing, but a low proclamation that in some ways tries to get that goth feel into them. Truth stands that the vocals sound emotionless and are completely out of sync with the music. You really get the impression of two separate recordings being married in a not so successful way.
Also the lyrics rub me the wrong way as they feel very naive and partly plain silly.

The highpoint of Zodios is the instrumental track Poh Teck Tung that is actually rather good with itís tribal feel and rather queer effected guitar noise. Otherwise I cannot say for whom or what this album is made, but for me it gives shivers and not in a good way.

4Ĺ / 10