Speaking of technical supremacy: modern Death-Trash must be one of the most polished and technically perfected genres after progressive metal, under the metal music label. The music is filled up with small tricks of the trade that leave enthusiasts searching for details long after the release date.

Mors Subita is very much a textbook example, or a poster band if you will, for the genre with everything sounding just right. Every bit and piece is fitted into the formula with care to fulfill the higher meaning. Their strength is also their weakness as Human Waste Compression sounds like a straight A thesis for Death-Trash.
Under the polished surface and the technical virtuosity the heart of the music seems lost, leaving the album distant and way too calculated.

Nevermind the critique, Mors Subita has created an excellent display of aggressive modern metal for the true fans to enjoy (and they will!).
For me they failed to enter immortality, at least for now.

7+ / 10