As a fore warning I would like to state that this review contains four different sections. One) overall rant about promotional submissions and quality of those. Two) applause towards the band at hand and their vitality and efforts. Three) my trademark reviewing the CD at hand. Finally Summary) which is kinda self explanatory

As said I want to address the modern promotional culture and how it displays towards our basic reviewer who does this out of love towards music. Itís so strange that labels send out these digital packages, often in low quality and poorly tagged. Accompanying information is on many occasions sub-standard and you can count yourself lucky if you receive anything but the front cover.

Abhordium, hailing from Salo / Finland, have financed the recording and pressing of their CD by them selves. The band handled next to all chores save the mastering and pressing duties to the final CD. Now the talented troupe send out the actual physical product for lucky bastards as my self to review.
I applaud that.

No matter how much I applaud a band due to their efforts, in the final part only the music matters. Was it well spent dollars from the band or should they just have spent it all on prostitutes to begin with?
Well, nothing wrong with prostitutes but Abhordium take their chances and give a taste of excellent audible gold.
The music is brutal and fast, but this is only the initial take. The band knows how to slow down and cast almost doom-like notes in your face or display general tricks of the trade by introducing the occasional acoustic interlude. The main impression still stays violent and chaotic with small twists and turns.

Some special recognition is in order in regard to the vocals which amazed me not only by style but also diversity. Too often aggressive bands utilize a very monotonous style of grunts or then use the modern alteration of grunts and clean vocals. Abhordium takes turns using low death metal- and higher black metal style growls which creates an interesting dynamic in the vocal lines.

I could try to write some really nice conclusion and pretty frames of words, but Iíll just stick to being blunt in vein with the music. Fuck record deals if you have the talent and passion to push your band through to the top.
Abhordium has impressed me on all fronts.

9- / 10