Industrial metal can be a difficult genre to pinpoint as the basic meaning seems to be different to different people. Others come from the Throbbing Gristle background whilst others swear to the name of Kraftwerk. Still both have had their undeniable effect on the evolution of industrial metal.
Nowdays when Rammstein takes over the field as the masters of mainstream industrial, Ďsmallerí entities with their roots in black- or death-metal such as Samael, ...and Oceans and Kovenant are easily forgotten.

The Finnish industrial duo 2 Wolves pay respect in that precise direction with their mixture of Death metal and Industrial. The boys have not set out to reinvent the wheel nor the steel, but set out on creating an unique atmosphere with a very strong low growl for vocals. I might almost say the vocals are of the best ones Iíve heard lately.
Instrumentally the tracks all lean on aggressive riffs with the occasional spice of electronics or synth but I feel the instrumentation is not strong enough to carry without voice.

For my personal taste the electronics could have been used bolder along the album as they seem to take turns with the guitars and techno parts.
I would have wanted the band to distinct their material more from their precursors. Perhaps a bolder use of elements and instrumentation.
With this said we need to remember itís the bands debut release in our hands.
In this sense the band has managed to create an solid start for their career.

8- / 10