Arsedestroyer is a noisegrind band from Sweden who were active in the 1990s and the early years of the new millenium.
Teenass revolt is a vinyl version of the "Teenass Rebellion" cd released in 2000. The record consists of several Arsedestroyer sessions rolled into one record. There is a clear difference between the sessions but the bottom line is the same in all of them: ferocious raw grind all the way down. The cover art consists of some pretty cool gay bondage action and all of the tracks are untitled.

Hmm.. How should i put this. The grinds on this album are just so fucking harsh! It's not too often that one finds such a well crafted piece of grindcore mayhem. While being totally spazzmic and out of control, the songs are definately not without structure, and some songs really get stuck into your head with their subtle hooks.

The sound is obviously very distorted and focuses heavily on the treble and middle frequencies.

While the record may be really fucked up, distorted and simple it should not be confused with the likes of for example 7xMON or World, and there are some things on the album that even the more casual grinder can enjoy. The drummer has some pretty cool stuff scattered out throughout the album and there's a lot of fucked up solos in the songs that really jump out nicley out of the soundscape, adding to the chaos. The vocals are mainly high pitched growls although in some instances there are some deeper growls and even pitch shifted stuff.

Teenass Revolt is definately a must have for any grindcore fanatic. Arsedestroyer and this record in particular have been very influental to many bands that have come after them, and it's not without cause that they've gained this sort of reputation.

9 / 10