Thanks to the Internet we live in maybe the healthiest times for music... EVER!
Sadly enough todayís fast food and MTV culture says that a song can't take 4 minutes, it is just way too long.
Lucky for more demanding listeners there are a few people out there fighting the windmills.

Mr. Marc Broude, a minimalist ambient composer, is one of these rare people trying to give the descent people of earth a nut to crack and a fair chance for enlightenment through the soundwaves.

My first contact with composer Marc Broudeís music was reviewing his latest effort Medicine and now Iíve been absorbing this 72 minute colossus from 2009.
Based on a slowly changing drone the composition goes through a subtle evolution spiced up with various effects and noises in the foreground. Itís not about quantity, but the length has a clear function. Be still and listen to the complete composition. I dare you!

Rites of Zen is for the casual music listener what Mount Everest is for the rookie rock climber. However the hardcore listener trying to find something worth a while in todays pile of shit pop music heap should, and will, take on the Rites with open arms. The hypnotizing quality of the music maybe a sure path to solemn enlightenment.

It is hard for me to describe the music in a more detailed manner as it is so minimal, yet visual. Rites is something to experience first handily, not through the words of a critic.
Thus no number will be credited to this release.

x / 10